Hello Fishing World!

We at the Big Hole Lodge have nestled ourselves in the Pioneer mountains and done our best to fight back the encroachment of cell service, high-speed internet, black-berries, iPhones, and the like.  We would much rather continue to ignore the technological movement completely and keep fishing but we realize that could be viewed as somewhat self-involved.  So we have resolved to share our experiences with you and in order to do that we can't hold out against the cyber age any longer.

Starting this summer we will be keeping an updated blog for our friends in the fishing community so that they can follow the adventures of our guides and clients as well as read about the current fishing conditions.   We will post pictures as often as possible so that you can put faces and places to the posts and we not only welcome your replies and comments but we encourage them and look forward to hearing from you.    Stay tuned and enjoy, I'll have an update on the Big Hole tomorrow!

Take care,
Wade Fellin