Southwest Montana River Update 8/16/2011

Big Hole River

  • Water Flow: 559 cfs
  • Water Temp: 56 degrees
  • Weather Forecast: Clear and sunny
  • Hatches:  Spruce Moths, tricos, and hoppers
  • Fishing: When the weather cooperates, fishing is hot right now.  The fish are healthy and hungry

Beaverhead River

  • Water Flow: 950 cfs
  • Hatches: Hoppers, ants, crane flies
  • Fishing: The river is high and off color.  Fish are in the obvious holding water and will eat if you can get a drift. It is getting better as it drops

Bitterroot River

  • Water Flow: 598 cfs near Darby
  • Hatches: Hoppers, golden stones
  • Fishing: great.  Fish are eating dries