Don't Pack Those Skis Away Yet

 Well the "blizzard" must have ended right after we went to sleep, because the "foot" of snow they were calling for above 6,000' proved to be just a thin blanket of heavy, wet snow.  But we'll take it!

Montana and the West had an unusually light winter and many fear a dry summer.  If we continue to get these spring refills we'll be in great shape for August and September.  The light snow pictured here at 6,300' could well be over a foot in the 8 and 9,000' mountains above the Big Hole.

The Wise River is pumping right now. The rock pictured above was underwater yesterday and most likely will be again by tomorrow. In the summer that rock stands 6 feet out of the water.

As you can see, we have a wet week in store.  The meteorologists are putting out winter storm warnings throughout the state today, and expect over a foot of snow accumulation in the Big Hole area.