Fishing Report as We Enter August


Fishing is: Good!
Water flow: 376 cubic feet per second
Visibility: 36 inches
Water temperature at mid-day: 70 Degrees F
Water condition: Clear
Best time of day to fish: 6 AM-1:00 PM
Best stretch: Jerry Creek-Glen
Fly fishing hatches in order of time of day:  Tricos, then Yellow Sallies, then Hoppes, Ants & Beetles, then Caddis.  There are spruce moths around, especially up the Wise River Valley, but the fish haven't really been on them like they have in years past.

How I'd Fish It: Hit it hard in the morning and then get off of the slow pools in the afternoon.  The water is warm and the fish are lethargic.  Get back out there for the evening Caddis.  If the water feels too warm and the fish don't appear to be recovering very quickly, get off the water and wait for it to cool off.

Don't overplay your fish:  Get them in, unhook them, (underwater) and let them go!  These warm temps are lethal to trout when they are overplayed.  If you must have a photo, practice your April Vokey and keep their head under!

Please, Revive your fish! Point their heads up stream in slow moving, clean water and move them slowly up-current and back again, allowing water to pour through their gills.  You will see their gill plates opening and closing.  Do this until the fish swims away from you on its own accord.
"Throwing" a fish back this time of year will probably kill the fish.  It may swim off, but it will belly up and die soon after without proper revival.



The Beaverhead is fishing GREAT, the Clarkfork is fishing well, and Rock Creek is fishing well.  BHL's spring creek options are full of hoppers as well, so get out here!!