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27" Inches out of this Storm


Lost Trail Ski area, near the Top of the Big Hole Watershed, is reporting 27" new inches out of the latest storm system.  This brings the settled base depth to 85" and brings areas of the Watershed to 114% of historical average snowfall.  Basin wide, we are sitting pretty at 102% of average snow-water equivalent and 101% of average total precipitation.


50" in 48 hours: Upper Big Hole Mountains

Did that storm come in with heavy winds, or was that a collective sigh of relief from the skiing and fishing community of Southwest Montana?
On Monday, the NWS started issuing promising forecasts which turned to winter storm warnings and eventually into the storm system being called Snowmageddon throughout the Northwest.

What did that mean for the Big Hole Watershed?

True to her word, La Nina and her beau, Old Man Winter, returned to Southwest Montana this week, and as if to apologize for their late arrival they coated our mountains with over 4 feet of snow over the course of two days.

Lost Trail Powder Mountain ski area, situated near the top of the pass which feeds the Big Hole, has had a tough time defending its name thus far this season, but today they are reporting 50" in the past 48 hours:

photo credit: Lost Trail Ski Area

Keep doing your snow dances and ritualistic sacrifices to Ullr, the trout will thank you next summer!